Best Chimney Clean Ltd


We offer a full CCTV survey, flue mapping and endoscopic inspection service in addition to sweeping chimneys in Exeter and district. If you are opening up a fireplace, have had a chimney fire or want to see what's going on, CCTV is necessary for this.

We have four camera systems to cover most situations including a bespoke wifi look see with wired HD system, a Wohler VIS400 pan and tilt as well as an AMAC ‘Colour Eye’ – Chimney Camera. The fourth system is from the ark, one of the first ever chimney cameras, it now lives in the workshop in quiet retirement.

Our CCTV kit allows for full recording, live viewing and reports to be produced.
Each situation is different so please get in touch to discuss your chimney CCTV request for Exeter and district.


Exeter Chimney Inspection CCTV Footage

Examples of the footage we can capture and provide with detailed analysis:

Whats really going on in your chimney?